Here are some links to help in the pursuit of good birding.


Governmental Organizations

Research and Information About Birds

Birding Trails


American Bird Conservancy

American Birding Association

Audubon International

Guide to Bird Watching from our Window

Chicago Audubon Society

Chicago Ornithological Society

Habitat Project

Hawk Migration Association

Hawkwatch International

Illinois Audubon Society

Illinois Ornithological Society

Indiana Audubon Society

National Audubon Society

Partners In Flight

Thorn Creek Nature Center

Governmental Organizations

Illinois Department of Natural Resources

Indiana Department of Natural Resources

United States Fish and Wildlife Service

USDA Forest Service

Research and Information

A2Z4Birders Online Guide


Birding on the Net


Birds in Forested Landscapes


Breeding Bird Survey

Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology


Green Exchange

IBET - Illinois Birders Exchanging Thoughts

Illinois and Chicago Birding

Illinois Birds

North American Bird Conservation Initiative - United States

Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center

Northern Michigan Birding

Patuzent Wildlife Research Center

Radar Ornithology

The Ornithological Web Library

USA People Search-Birding USA and Abroad

Virtual Birder

Wild Birds for the 21st Century

Birding Trails - Out of State

Alabama Gulf Coastal Birding Trail

Georgia's Colonial Coast Birding Trail

Great Florida Birding Trail

Great Pike's Peak Birding Trail

Great Texas Birding Trail

Minnesota's Pine to Prairie Birding Trail

Minnesota River Valley Birding Trail