Our spring appeal for Audubon Adventures is in full swing. This is your invitation to support study of nature and the environment by helping us provide this superb educational program, for children in grades 3 to 6, to teachers in our area free of charge. Teachers tell us that the Audubon Adventures student “newspapers” and supplementary materials do a wonderful job of engaging children’s interest and enthusiasm. The cost for each set of materials, packaged in a sturdy storage box, is $45.65. Contributions are welcome in any amount.

Did you know that it takes three generations of Monarch butterflies to complete the round trip migration from northern breeding grounds, (e.g. Park Forest area), to their winter hideout in Mexico and back? The third, fourth, fifth or sixth grader who benefits from your donation to the Audubon Adventures Fund will be able to tell you all about it!
This year’s Audubon Adventures series delves into this “Incredible Insect Journey” in detail, as part of a study of migration, which also includes a unit on birds and one on sea turtles and grey whales. Each issue boasts copious information and many beautiful illustrations in a four page format that unfolds into a 15” x22” poster, featuring explanatory maps, diagrams, quizzes, and tips on how young people can become citizen scientists by, for example, observing Monarchs and relaying their observations to organizations that track and seek to protect them.
To Audubon Adventures friends, old and new, our spring appeal, which will fund purchase of materials for the 2011-2012 school year, is now getting underway. We hope that you will join us in this effort to stimulate appreciation for nature and the environment in our young people encouraging them to blossom into conservationists!
The cost of one Audubon Adventures classroom kit is $45.65. Each set of materials includes four editions of the student mini-magazine, (32 copies of each), and a classroom manual for the teacher, packed with a wealth of supplementary information and activity suggestions. Contributions, which are of course welcome in any amount, may be designated to support a particular classroom, group or community.
To contribute, please write your check to Thorn Creek Audubon Adventures Fund, and address c/o Sue Putnam, 3704 West 213th St., Matteson, IL 60443.
Also, if you are, or know of a teacher or group leader of children in grades 3 to 6 who would like to receive Audubon Adventures, please let Sue know, (708) 747-1986, or
Sue Putnam and Mary Anne McLean, Education committee co-chairs